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"I write a lot of my own music and it comes from the pain and experiences that I’ve endured."

There’s a new R&B diva on the rise and her name is Ann Derie. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, the 22-year-old songstress is making waves with her lustful debut single “Just Us” as her powerful vocals bring soul music back to its essence. Telling a story of a couple doing everything they can to hold their relationship together, “Just Us” romantic vibe will have couples recommitting to themselves and doing everything they can to make their love work. Following in the footsteps of some of her 90’s mentors like Mary J. Blige and Toni Braxton, Ann Derie explains why she’s on a mission to put love back on the forefront:

“My music is inspirational and delves deep into love and relationships. I sing about love, pain and I’m bringing romance back into the forefront with my lyrics. Everybody wants to hit it and quit it in a lot of R&B songs today but my music explores the importance of love which many have abandoned these days. ”

Currently blowing away audiences with her performances, Ann Derie honed her skills while attending Prairie View A&M before graduating with a degree in Communications. Besides rocking open mic and talent shows, she auditioned for American Idol when she was 16 which further fueled her steps toward stardom and has appeared in several stage plays.Ann Derie recently signed to Miami based labels Defyne Entertainment Music Group and just shot the video for “Just Us.” Currently working on her untitled debut for 2017, Ann Derie will also blow you away with her singles “Maximum Capacity” and “Trance.”

Speaking of “Maximum Capacity,” she explains,

“I write a lot of my own music and it comes from the pain and experiences that I’ve endured. I’m letting the ladies know that I got over a lot of trials and tribulations and that they can also move on with their lives after being hurt. It’s about independence and sharing that nobody’s going to take care of me like myself.”

R&B is definitely back, so take a listen as Ann Derie prepares to take you on an emotional journey of love and inspiration. As the winter approaches, her music will set the mood for a lot of romantic nights. Stay tuned as she declares,

“My voice can’t be denied and I’m just waiting for the world to feel my music.”

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